There he was when she was sick and twisted in her mind, hating herself. He holds her head up when she’s crying and ashamed to face the world they live in. Her pain cuts so deep, and leaves her empty in every portion. She’s broken, betrayed, and doesn’t know how to face it. Somehow, on those bitter cold days, he pulls her out of bed and gives her the strength to acknowledge the pain and shape it. He’s her backbone and she never wants to leave his side, all of her purpose resides in him. All of this comfort was only temporary, when some day he’ll up and leave, with no plan to return. And one day she’ll get out...

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You and your pretty wings, So angelic in the way they frame your body.  I’d hate to admit you’re in a different place than me, that our worlds no longer connect.  Forgive me for not being happy, with your spirit being at peace.  Because without you, I feel no purpose,  I have no happiness inside.  So I bid my farewell to you darling, in the softest state of my being.  But please know that without you I am broken, and slowly crumbling piece by piece.  Oh how I miss my sunshine, insecurely lighting up every room with that radiance you never crafted.  Just the brightness of your face alone is difficult to get out of my head.  I can’t remember...

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God has a way of silencing every voice around me with the intent of opening my heart to hear His. It may feel confusing, I may get frustrated, but it must be noted that there is a season of growth occurring inside. This process can be very lonely, and very painful at times. When experiencing the shift that is isolation, it’s important to be aware of the path that God has me on. I refuse to manipulate myself with scared tactics because I’ve become comfortable. I trust God, I trust myself. And we are the only two ones on this journey.    © 2020, Zion-Glory. All rights reserved.

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