Garden Series

Garden III ©

A new day opens, and I’m met with your grace  expecting to turn and see your face, rather the sun lays upon your place.  In this stage I’ve become complacent   with the absence of my ace.  I’ve spared the chase  of a replace that will never fill your space.  I collided so hard, lost track of pace, enjoyed the wounds it gave, plus pain is in my race.  I long for luxury.   These ideals of riches are controlling me.  Craving discounted love that fills me up, then leaves, mean thieves.  Later that night I was awaken from my sleep, my ears filled with your screech.  Your arms would touch mine, looking for some comfort and believe me,  I...

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Garden II ©

Angel wings adorn my door view  a silhouette stands,  he looks just like you.  Pressed for time so I blink my eyes, too good to be true. I remember the last time we spoke,  told me you’d be back in a few.  Hours turn to days, days turn to years.  Is my body too corrupt to acknowledge pain and the friends it brings? I’m real close with these tears just a natural response to immerse this pain  back into my tear ducts, and there they will remain.  On the verge of falling,  and a breakdown is at stake.  Apologies turn to blaming you  for emotions you couldn’t fool.  I even run rivers through my carpet.  One memory relapses, cue the...

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Garden I ©

Devastation ties to grief  as this pain grows deep. I feel it in my bones, thought I could fill you with hope, now I’m alone.  It’s hard to grasp the time we’re here.  At some points we make connections as  goodbyes are near.  Scared, cause I know I’m unprepared for this goodbye I’ll have to endure.  I hate living in fear,  plus my destination is unclear.  Each day we take for granted,  thinking it’s debts were owed.  Thinking we’re the kings in these lives we hold.  We face the truth as it’s hard and cold, but we have yet to gain control.  Grief is steady and it feels like I’ll fold under pressure cause I know  the act is getting...

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